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This is just mega, man

Mega Man Legacy Collection is a bundle that packages together the first six of Capcom’s little Blue Bomber’s NES titles - which were released between 1987-1993 - and faithfully recreated them in all of their rock hard glory.

Six classics…

You can enjoy each of the package's six games in their classic 8-bit style, all designed to look fresh and crisp on HD screens. This is all thanks to the work done porting them to the Eclipse Engine, removing any strange artifacts that may be experienced through simple up-resing.

The games in the bundle also faithfully reproduce the gameplay: in that it is punishingly hard. You can choose any of the six games to play, and keep throwing yourself against them in a desperate attempt to make it to the end – all the while knowing a single misstep could cost you one of your precious lives.


One major new addition to this collection is the new Challenge Mode. This mode takes all the levels, and remixes them in entirely new ways to test both novice and veteran players. It is an entirely new mode that brings with it surprising difficulties thanks to setting you different goals to achieve as you make your way through levels.

Put simply, challenge mode is crazy, and you’ll have to really struggle to complete levels. If you think original titles were hard, wait till you give these a go.

This should be in a museum, and now it kind of is

Mega Man Legacy Collection is ideal for Mega Man fans - offering the perfect archive of the early games while still providing enough fresh options to keep them playing. It is also perfect for any newcomers who want to try out a piece of gaming history.


  • Great recreation of classic 8-bit titles
  • Plenty in the package
  • Challenge mode remixes the action


  • Really? They had to stop at 6
  • Still really hard


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Mega Man Legacy Collection


Mega Man Legacy Collection for PC


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